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Serifos Real Estate


Serifos Real Estate

The real estate company SERIFOS REAL ESTATE is active in the island of Serifos, as well as in the wider area of the western Cyclades, in the islands of Kythnos, Sifnos, Milos and Kimolos.

SERIFOS REAL ESTATE provides a wide range of management and real estate services, including purchase, sale, rental, renovation and interior design.

Our basic principles include consistency, fairness, honesty and professionalism, values which we follow in our every day transactions.

Our knowledge about the real estate sector in conjunction with our negotiating ability, make us the ideal advisor and partner for every property.

Additional services

Interior Design/ Renovations

Upgrade your quality of life and change the style of your home or your office without spending a fortune. Contact Serifos Real Estate and our partners will find for you the right solutions that will meet your needs, utilitarian and aesthetic, combining quality materials with competitive prices.

Property evaluations

Our colleagues will determine accurately the true value of your property, taking into account economic factors, characteristics of the property, as well as the prospects for the region, aiming to attract better offers and help you sell your property faster.

Financial Planning
Our company can also advise you on lending procedures and help you select the right loan.

If your company is interested in investing in the real estate and the construction sector, then Serifos Real Estate is the ideal partner for you. Both on investment and negotiation issues, we will provide you with our valuable knowledge and experience, for the best possible organization and implementation of your business plan.

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