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Festivals and cultural events of Kimolos

Kimolos is an island with an original Cycladic colour and long tradition. Throughout the year, Kimolos organizes some lovely festivities of both religious and non-religious character that attracts many visitors. The island celebrates the memory of the saints with a Holy Mass followed by feasts with traditional dances and music.

Religious feasts & festivals

Name days of Saints

The most important religious festivals in Kimolos are the feast of Panagia (Virgin Mary) on August 15th,

Panagia Odigetria on November 21st and Prophet Elias on July 20th.

Agia Methodia

Of particular importance is the feast of Agia Methodia, on October 5th, who died on that island for her faith.

The chapel of Agia Methodia is found in the Castle (Kastro quarter) of Kimolos.

Isolario Project

Some cultural events also take place on Kimolos in summer as part of the Isolario Project, which promotes cultural festivities in small islands.

Cultural events Summer festivities Several events are organized during the summer by some young artists who are inspired by the unspoiled beaut of this island.

The festival lasts for one month where hundreds of visitors arrive. The festival has parallel events like art exhibitions, creative workshops and theater performances.

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